Sunrise Foundation

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Redesign of the antiquated Sunrise Foundation website.

Design Lead

Sunrise Foundation

Transforming Sunrise Foundation’s outdated website into a modern, responsive platform that effectively communicates their mission and engages donors.

The Sunrise Foundation, a charitable organization, approached me with a common challenge: I needed to create a fresh, modern website that would effectively communicate their mission, engage donors, and provide a seamless user experience. The catch? I had to work within a minimal budget, but given the charitable nature of the project, I was more than willing to contribute my expertise.

I began by creating a robust design system. This system served as the foundation for all visual elements across the website. It included typography guidelines, color palettes, iconography, and consistent spacing. By establishing these rules, I ensured a cohesive and professional look throughout the site.

As part of the design system, I meticulously crafted reusable components and template pages. These building blocks allowed the client to create new content efficiently while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

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