Trove Keeper

Allowing users to craft a digital legacy that extends beyond life.

UX + UI Lead 


TroveKeeper entrusted us with a profound mission: to create a desktop and native app for Android and iOS, allowing users to craft a digital legacy that extends beyond life.

As the UX and design lead, my role was to guide this transformative project. I took charge of research, meticulously mapped out customer user journeys, crafted high-fidelity wireframes, and designed the full UI for both mobile and desktop applications.

Approach: The journey commenced with comprehensive planning, mapping out user journeys for two distinct user types. High-fidelity wireframes followed, providing a visual blueprint for the application’s structure and functionality. These wireframes served as the foundation for the subsequent UI design.

Challenges & Solutions:

  1. Sensitivity and Empathy: Designing an application around the theme of digital legacy required an extra layer of sensitivity and empathy. We approached this challenge by involving real users, listening to their needs, and ensuring that every interaction was designed with care.

  2. Complexity Simplified: The concept of preserving one’s digital legacy can be complex. We tackled this by creating a user-friendly, intuitive interface that simplified the process of curating and preserving one’s digital footprint.

  3. Cross-Platform Consistency: Maintaining a consistent and seamless experience across desktop and mobile platforms was crucial. We ensured that the UI elements and interactions were coherent, providing users with a unified experience.

Outcome: The TroveKeeper project resulted in a transformative application that empowers users to create and preserve their digital legacies. By combining meticulous user journey planning, high-fidelity wireframes, and thoughtful UI design, we crafted an intuitive platform. Users can now curate their digital presence with ease, ensuring their legacy lives on.

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