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Redefining the at home sports-watching experience.

Creative + UX + UI Lead 


In a multifaceted role as the lead product designer and creative behind YourPlayer, I led the end-to-end UI + UX design. 

This innovative platform was poised to redefine the sports-watching experience, creating an immersive environment where users could engage, play games, and interact while watching sports on TV. The project ingeniously blended real-time API data, customisable avatars, and interactive features, all within an agile framework that fostered continuous innovation.

Approach: The journey commenced with a clear vision – to bring the excitement of watching sports with friends in a pub-style setting to the comfort of one’s home. I meticulously crafted the UI/UX design, prioritising user engagement, customisation, and real-time interaction. This process involved planning dynamic user journeys, developing high-fidelity wireframes, and translating them into a visually immersive and user-friendly design.

Challenges & Solutions:

  1. Real-Time Data Integration: Incorporating real-time API data seamlessly into the app was challenging. We created a robust backend architecture that efficiently processed and displayed real-time actions, elevating the user experience.

  2. Customisable Avatars: Enabling users to create and customise their avatars required a user-centric approach. We designed an intuitive avatar creation process, ensuring users could effortlessly personalise their digital counterparts.

  3. Agile Innovation: Operating within an agile framework demanded adaptability and continuous innovation. I led the design process, embracing new ideas and seamlessly integrating them into the app’s evolving interface.

Outcome: YourPlayer emerged as a pioneering mobile app, redefining the sports-watching experience. Users can now engage, interact, and enjoy sports with a sense of camaraderie, all from the comfort of their homes. As the lead product designer, I successfully crafted an immersive platform that integrates real-time API data, customisable avatars, and interactive features. This project exemplifies my ability to lead design, foster continuous innovation, and create user-centric UI/UX in a dynamic environment.

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